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All Smiths Cobra gauges are bench tested prior to shipment and are covered by a 2 year warranty



Smiths 427 Cobra Electronic Gauges/Instruments

For those Cobra owners who want to use modern day instruments, Smiths have designed
a range of electrical gauges styled in keeping with the look of the original
427 Cobra Smiths gauges but featuring modern day air-core movements.


The speedometers are fully user programmable making it easy to compensate for
an endless variety of differential ratios, transmissions and tire diameters.

100 mm GPS or Programmable Electronics
Counterclockwise Speedometer
Available in either 180 MPH or 320 KPH range.

100 mm GPS or Programmable Electronics
Clockwise Speedometer
Available in either 160 MPH or 320 KPH range.



There is also a full range of electrical gauges that can be used in place of
the authentic mechanical 427 Cobra temperature and pressure gauges.

52 mm Oil Temperature

52 mm Water Temperature

52 mm Oil Pressure

52 mm Fuel Level

52 mm Smiths Ammeter

52 mm Smiths Voltmeter

52 mm Clock

NOTE: Cobra Electric Pressure and Temperature Gauges will require the purchase of the appropriate senders, which can be found in the Parts and Accessories section.


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